The History Jam is only a week away and we're excited to see you there! You may have some questions about how this is going to shake down and we'll attempt to answer some of that here.

We thought we'd lead off with a brainstorming session for you to talk over ideas (or help discover a new idea) so on Thursday May 25th at 6:00pm we're holding a drop-in session at the Stevenson Hunt Room at the Central Branch of the London Public Library. We'll have some people there to talk to you about Dundas and some of the stories you can help tell. If you want to find a team to work with this is a great opportunity to get introduced, figure out how you want to tell your story or find a project where your talent can make a real difference. We'll hang around until 8:00pm so feel free to drop in at your leisure. If you haven't already signed up to share your time and talent please fill out the form on our homepage.

Then at 9:00am on Saturday May 27 we'll converge in the London Room (again at the Central Branch of the London Public Library - 3rd floor) for a day of information gathering. We'll go through the stacks of book, microfilm, maps and historic photos with the help of experts to dig up everything we can for our stories. We'll document everything we can and share on the internet as we go so other folks can help out from home if they wish. You're bound to find all kinds of interesting stuff on your journey and we'll try to share all that as we go on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Staff will be in the London Room until 9:00pm to give us lots of flexibility through the day.

There are bound to be gaps in our stories but don't let that discourage you, there are plenty of history experts through the city that we can ask about that stuff later. Digging through the past is a lot like a mystery and sometimes the clues come from unusual places.

Sunday May 28 will be all about hacking our stories together so we've locked down one of London's first hacker spaces at Unlondon (211 King Street) so we can collaborate together. But if you decide to work on your stories at home that's great too! Unlondon has great internet and a podcasting studio if you want to do interviews. This will be a great day to do street photography, shoot video or anything else that will help you tell your tale.

And so ends our History Jam weekend! But wait, there's more ...

On June 6 at 6:00pm we've reserved the Wolf Performance Hall so we can present our stories to one another. We'll also be inviting other London historical groups to present other stories of Dundas as well. The length of this session hasn't been locked down yet and will depend on the number of people wanting to share their stories. We'll give you an update on this at a later date.

If you can't make it to the Jam but would like to help make the day better with a financial contribution (money will be used for materials, snacks and meals) you can contribute via the Urban League (select History Jam under Apply your donation to a specific fund). 

Huge thanks to the teams at the London Public Library and Unlondon for making this all possible!